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1. On Successful completion of course, CADD Centre will issue a Certificate.
2. The Institute will not be liable in the event of a particular class being cancelled, due to reasons beyond its control is limited to rescheduling the particular class. Six Sigma Synergy will inform the students on the class date up to 3 months and thereafter will cancel the registration if the student did not attend the training.
3. The student is liable to be dismissed if he / she are found to be involved in any destructive action on the premises of the center.
4. The Student shall not have any choice over a particular instructor.
5. Student that do not attend the class as per schedule, will not be given replacement class.
6. The venue and days are liable to change at the discretion of the company and will be informed to the students accordingly.
7. All deposit and course fee are not refundable.
8. All students are required to pay the government tax 6% (SST)

We are a training provider company that specialised in CAD/CAE and project management training for engineering, construction and building industry. We are looking for candidate that want to learn and grow with us.