Course Details

Duration : 5 days

Certifications : CADD CENTRE

Solidworks Course


SolidWorks is a 3D CAD software tool that transports all tasks involved in product development into the visual and electronic 3D world for better collaboration. With its intuitive interface, and a wide range of specialized and compatible products to support all design and engineering functions, SolidWorks promises to:

  • Shortened design cycle
  • Increased productivity of engineers and designers
  • Faster delivery of innovative products

Why should you learn?

3D modeling is being preferred not only by customers, but also by engineers and designers because they offer many advantages over the traditional 2D design. So, you need to learn 3D CAD, and SolidWorks is one of the widely used 3D CAD tools in the industry.

SolidWorks can help you convert your ideas into product designs quickly, and effectively. Even without having any prior experience in animation, you as an engineer or designer can produce an animated movie of your 3D product design almost instantly. This will help you communicate your product ideas better to a non-technical person.

SolidWorks comes with libraries of over one million pre-built or pre-designed components, so you don’t have to re-design industry standard components – like screws, nuts, bearings, etc.

SolidWorks is focusing on growing a community of designers/engineers who are actively publishing their drawings online. There are millions of 3D drawings available for you to use or get inspirations.

Learning Objectives:

At CADD Centre, we help you master the following compatibilities of SolidWorks:

  • Part and Assembly: How to design parts and assemblies of parts based on Industrial requirements and Maintaining a specific workflow and standards.
  • Obtaining Specific Engineering Datas: Engineering Materials and specs, Evaluating Mass Properties, Finding Clashes/Interference/Collision within an Assembly, Surface Irregularities for the surfaces
  • CAD Animation & Motions: How to create a 3D animated movie of your product design based on Exploded/ Collapse Views, Applying different types of Motion Parameters based on Real Applications
  • Product Data Management: How to keep, reuse, repurpose all design data in a secure way
  • Revision Control: How to keep track of the changes you make to your evolving product design, and also monitor changes each revisions bring to your overall design and manufacturing cost
  • BOM: How to create a Professional Bill Of Material/Quantity based on requirements and Customizing it in an efficient manner
  • GD&Tolerance Analysis: How to analyze the tolerance levels of each individual part separately, as well as all that of parts when functioning collectively, Integrating the DG&T in the Solidworks Drawing/Detailing
  • CAD Library: How to increase productivity by making use of CAD library, Managing The library, Creating Custom Library
  • Sheet Metal Production: How to deal with bends and Flatten details of complex sheet Metal Geometries, Dealing with Forming Tools and Dies, Generating Flat drawings with Bend tables and Die Locations. Recommended for the Industries Dealing with HVAC Ducts and Fittings, Electrical & Electronic industries for Casings and Enclosers For Equipments and Lightings, Material handeling For Hopper designs in Despensing systems.
  • Weld Design For Steel Structures: How to create steel structure based on standard steel sections and country standards like BSI, ANSI, ISO, JIS etc, Applying Weld, Trimming/cutting the steel Members and Justification, Detailings with Steel Member Cutlist and Weld Lengths for Estimating

Learning Outcome:

  • You will quickly design product concepts because you can use scanned 3D data, imported images, or simple sketches to demonstrate the initial concept.
  • You will create an electronic workflow that will cover all tasks right from conception of design, to prototyping to testing for the manufacturability of your design.
  • You will keep all your design data and design intellectual property in multiple file formats and manage them in a safe, centralized place. You can let your team collaborate with you at any stage of product development.
  • You will be a productive, innovative, and communicative designer/engineer, with an ability to work with people spanning different disciplines


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