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ANSYS Workbench is a software for performing structural, thermal, & electromagnetic analyses. The class focuses on geometry creation & optimization, attaching existing geometry, setting up the finite element model, solving, and reviewing results.

Course Outline:

Theory of FEA
Exploring the GUI
Graphics picking
General analysis procedure
Solid modeling
Defining work planes
Coordinate systems
Importing geometry
Defining element attributes
Element types
Generating mesh
Free meshing

Mapped meshing
Defining material
Defining loads & B.C.
Select logic
Structural static analysis
Modal analysis
Transient dynamic analysis
Nonlinear analysis
Thermal analysis
Coupled field analysis

Learning Outcome:

1 - Good knowledge of structural & static analysis
2 - Can identify various types of stress on a structure under various working conditions
3 - Can find the natural frequency of a structure
4 - Can get an overview of transient dynamic & non-linear analysis
5 - To know thermal and coupled field analysis

Books to be given: ANSYS Reference Guide

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Certifications : CADD Centre

Duration : 4 Days

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