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About Tableau Desktop

Data Visualization using Tableau teaches how to analyze and communicate with data. Adaptability and the freedom of choice are the two pillars of Tableau. With a huge amount of data and the booming demand to use it, Tableau is simplifying the complexity of data and driving up insight into action. Collection, connection, combination, and collaboration, Tableau is an awesome and powerful data analysis and data visualization tool that enables you to create effective, interesting, and useful visualizations in the form of dashboards and worksheets. All the infographics you see around you is Data Visualization in action. Tableau is self-reliant and can blend diverse data sets with minimum scripting as everything is done by drag and drop. Tableau’s flexible interface enables users to quickly change the view of their data and create dashboards that communicate clearly and directly. Tableau Server allows you to share your graphs, reports, and dashboards. Tableau is one of the best data visualization tools used today. It helps change or transform the raw set of data into well descriptive and interesting visuals that are generated as dashboards and worksheets.

Six Sigma Synergy CADD CENTRE, Tableau course which is 3 days training consists of beginning with the fundamental concept of data preparation to converting the statistical data into beautiful and stylish visualizations and dashboards that explain numbers with clarity. Our prime objective of Tableau training is to help you learn how to build and design your data visualizations and dashboards for effective data storytelling. You will master the skills of logically and creatively formatting data along with developing an ability to tell a story, simplify complex concepts, and create advanced visualizations.

Course Content

  • Tableau Desktop Interface
  • Basic Business Analytics
  • Type of Datasets
  • Collection & Connecting Data
  • Organizing & Formatting Tables
  • Understand Types of Joins and How It Works
  • Create Dual Axis Chart
  • Create Calculations Field
  • Adding Filters
  • Multiple Visualization
  • Measures Names and Measure Values
  • Types of Bars
  • Mapping
  • Geographic Maps, Heat Maps
  • Trends and Forecast
  • Multiple Charts - Donut, Gauge
  • Create Dashboards
  • Create Stories

Who Can Attend? 

Tableau course is well suited for professionals willing to gain expertise in the field of analytics, along with IT developers and testers, data analysts, data scientists, BI and reporting professionals, and project managers.

  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Data Scientists
  • Statisticians and Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Managers
  • Graduates
  • University Students
  • People with Sheer interest in Data Visualization

After Joining The Tableau Training With Us, You Will Learn

  • Connection to a lot of other Native Databases & Servers
  • Provides a lot of Analytics Capability
  • Connection with most of the leading Big Data tools
  • Allows end-users so that customers directly make changes as required
  • Get familiarised with Data Visualization principles and concepts
  • Understand Tableau Architecture, including the most important processes
  • Make exploratory Data Analysis using in-built options and default visualizations in Tableau
  • Conduct Data Extraction and Data Blending with multiple data sources
  • Use Tableau Filtering Options, Groups, Sets, and Calculations, LOD Expressions
  • Create top charts in the latest version of Tableau Desktop
  • Use Tableau Calculated Fields and Advanced Reporting Concepts
  • Create Tableau Maps, Dashboards, and Stories

*Course Taught By Certified Expert Trainer

Key Benefits of Learning Tableau 

  • Fantastic Visualization: Tableau relies on the first position over its competitors because of its ability to produce excellent visualizations and dashboards. It provides an instant connection facility with the support of more than thirty types of data. Also, it can create complex graphs that give a similar feel to the pivot table in excel.
  • Large Customer Resources: The community of Tableau is notoriously engaging and enthusiastic. It has comprehensive online resources including guides, online forums, and training.
  • Excellent Mobile Support: Tableau has a higher percentage of users actively deploying mobile BI. It put a lot of effort into developing a robust mobile customer.
  • Reduction in Development Time: Tableau has elevated business customer’s expectations of BI solutions. Tableau is very fast while working with the database which results in less development time. It is recognized as the cream of the crop for its visual-based data discovery. Moreover, the ability to adapt to a market quickly is an enormous competitive advantage of Tableau.
  • Ease of Use and Low Cost: Since tableau is simple user interface software, it becomes very easy to use it. Also, it is a simple drag and drop interface which is very easy to learn. Tableau is a relatively low cost when compared to the other BI tools like QlikView or business objects. It is easy to upgrade too.

If you are interested in learning Tableau, please get in touch, we will revert back to you with the relevant information within one to two working days.