PMI - Risk Management

This training course will give you knowledge, skill, tools and techniques that you need in order to manage risk pro activity, prepare for and pass the PMI-RMP exam.

Plan Risk Management

Understand how to develop project risk management plan describing and learn how you and your project teams will execute the risk management process and integration of the whole project.

Identify Risk

Learn how to identify the risk in such a way that creates value projects. Write risk statements and use a variety of risk identification tools and techniques.

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

Learn how to prioritize risk for further analysis by assessing and combining their probability of occurrence and impact. The key benefit of this process is that it enables project managers to reduce the level of uncertainty and to focus on high-priority risk.

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Learn how to analyze the effect of identified risk on the entire project objectives. The benefit of this process is that it creates information of the quantitative risk to support the decision-making of project managers to minimize the uncertainty of the projects.

Plan Risk Responses

Learn to determine the ways to reduce or eliminate any threats to the project, and also the opportunities to increase their impact.

Implement Risk Responses

Learn how to plan and implement actions and plans in response to project risks. The idea is to reduce the exposure to risks in the project and minimize threats to the delivery in terms of time, cost or quality.

Monitor Risk

Learn how to monitor the agreed risk responses and audit the risk management process effectiveness.


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