This training program focus on data processing techniques of the data collected by using python & analyzing the data to improve the operation efficiency and increase revenue of a company. Data analysis is important in business to understand problems facing an organization and to explore data in meaningful ways. This context can ten be used by decision-makers to take action with the aim of enhancing productivity and business gain.
This course is greatly beneficial to Data Analysts or Data Analysts to-be. This course will also set them in the path towards becoming Data Engineers or Data Scientists as per the association recommendation.

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Introduction to Data Science with Python

Data scientists are now the most sought-after professionals by big companies as well as startups. The demand for data scientists is growing with rapid pace. Companies across industries are rewarding good data analysts and scientists with desirable career growth and salaries.

Program Objectives

1.   Master the fundamentals of writing Python script
2.   Learn core Python scripting elements such as variables and flow control structures
3.   Discover how to work with lists and sequence data
4.   Write Python functions to facilitate code reuse
5.   Use Python to read and write files
6.   Make their code robust by handling errors and exceptions properly
7.   Work with Python standard library
8.   Explore Python's object-oriented features
9.   Search text using regular expressions

Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to learn how to write programs in Python
Anyone who wants a solid exposure to Python as threir first programming language

Course Outline

Day 1:
Perform Operations using Data Types and Operator
Day 2:
Control Flow with Decisions & Loops Perform Input & Output Operations
Day 3:
Dcument & Structure Code Perform Troubleshooting & Error Handling
Day 4:
Perform Operations Using Modules & Tools
Day 5:
Examination Certification

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