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Professional Training

At Six Sigma Synergy, we have successfully created a work culture that recognizes caliber. This philosophy makes working with us a pure joy. We provide training to students on high-end machines using original software – thus we are able to give training in all modules and functionalities of software.

World Class Courses

CADD Centre offers professional training to students on leading software products in their domains. Designing courses, developing course content, and delivering courses with the support of our team has, therefore, been our core value creation process.

Globally Recognized Certification

Our Certified Professional Program is specially designed to recognize CAD users who can demonstrate an in-depth understanding of their course. We are proud to offer the Certified Professional Program that is developed according to international standards and based on survey results and feedback from our users.

Why Choose Us

Our Mission is to enable students and professionals at various levels to realize their potential and reach their goals.No one is born with the magic wand of success, but it is accomplished with hard work, perseverance and patience compounded by specific skills, which is taught at Six Sigma Synergy.

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We provide a wide range of Technical and Management Training Solutions covering Project Management, CAD Courses and Design Courses.



  • Revit Acrhitecture (Dec'17 batch)

    Mr. Paul E : Quite a wonderful expirance learning Revit and thanks to sSix Sigma Synergy fullfiling it 

                        Thanks also to out instructor Mr. Jasim fpr patiently theaching us .

    Revit Acrhitecture (Dec'17 batch)

  • Primavera P6,( Nov'17 batch)

    Mr . Nurazmin bin Ahmad : very good class for new staff,and for thouse in the planning department who involved directly in the project . the class was easy to understand and then instructor is very helpful and easy to approach.

    Primavera P6,( Nov'17 batch)

  • MS Project (Nov'17 Batch)

    Mr ho Shaun hui:  I think The Instructer and the staff are very friendly and I am looking forwward to take on more coursees in the future.

    MS Project (Nov'17 Batch)

  • AutoCad-2D (Nov'17 Batch)

    Mr. Andysoo: Mr Manish has done an excellant Job guiding me into AutoCad-2D.

    Ms Loshini D/o Wasy: Mr Manish has given a perfct guidance throughout the Training sesssions.

    AutoCad-2D (Nov'17 Batch)

  • AutoCad-2D (Nov'17 Batch)

    Mr. Selva Kumaran Kamachi: I am a AutoCad usr beginner, after enroll to this program, its teach me alot of easy way to use the software. The Trainer is so helpful and very professional. I am fully knowledgeable. Thanks to Manish.

    Ms Daphne Tham: The Trainer is very professional and provided very cleear and easy guide to us. and I got to learn the useful tips and knowledge in just 4 days. I am satisfied with this training. 

    Mr Loh Cheng Lun: Training is good for the Enginnering Student.


    AutoCad-2D (Nov'17 Batch)

  • PMP Preparatory Course( Nov'17 Batch)

    Mr. Mohd Zulfatah Bin Mustafa: The Trainer give me very good explanation in teaching . The staff were very useful and friendly. The Trainer/Instructor give me most effective manner in advice on PMP Course.

    PMP Preparatory Course( Nov'17 Batch)

  • Revit Structure (Oct'17 Batch)

    Mr Abddirahman hassan Deria Jibril: Helpful Lecturer, excellant lecturing method.

    Mr. Mansoor Shawky Sobhy Hemaid: All Perfect!

    Mr Abderahman Babikar: High Quality Trainer, Well explanation. I am delighted with this centre.

    Mr Mustafa Mokhaimer Diab: It was entertaining and very helpful. The Lecture was nice.

    Mr. Aljawi Amjad Osamas: It was very useful to me. Thanks for everything.


    Revit Structure (Oct'17 Batch)

  • AutoCad-2D (Sep'17 Batch)

    Mr Goh Shein Hung: Interesting Course even when all of the students completed almost given exercise within a few days, That were planned for the entire course. during which the instructor had to improvise interesting untill the end.

    Mr Vicneswaren A/L  Kalimuthu: Course was conductedd well  and the knowledge and skills were taught in a way that t is easy to follow and understssnd. I am leaving wih improvedd  skills and very happy with the coursse. Woth it !!

    Mr Le jia Ling: Nic Cad Centre, Tutor: Now I know more about Autocad 2D.

    Mr Abd Al Rahman Mohamed Murkaz: Good Teaching method. Overall satidfieed with the Lectures.. 

    AutoCad-2D (Sep'17 Batch)

  • Revit Architecture (Sep'17 Batch)

    Mr. Mustafa Anas Madhat Nazmi: The Course was very helpful and useful. It fulfilled all the architectural aspects needed. Registration was easy and the staff was very helpful. The Instructor had very good Skills towards delivering the Thoughts and the ideas as well as sharing his experience.

    Ms Siti Baidurah BT.Usman Arif: I learnt a lot during this training and now I know more about Revit Software, definitetly this will help me during my working.

    Mr Khaidir Bin Jaflus: I like to be in this class, I hope that I can play and using this Revit that easily. he is a good teacher.

    Mr Mohd Hafioz Hazri Bin Mohd Razali: Information of Trainer is very good, makes me more comfortable to do the works. 

    Revit Architecture (Sep'17 Batch)

  • Revit Architecture (Aug'17 Batch)

    Ms Nur Azreen BT Sahabudin: I Can understand fully. Really Helpful.

    Mr. Salah Mahammed Abdullah Alesaei: Everything is Excellant.

    Revit Architecture (Aug'17 Batch)

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We are a training provider company that specialised in CAD/CAE and project management training for engineering, construction and building industry. We are looking for candidate that want to learn and grow with us.