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If you have decided to make your career in the field of Data Science, but don’t know where to start, then you’ve come to the right place. This course helps you learn from our comprehensive collection of projects, hand-picked by experienced professionals to give you an in-depth understanding of how Data Science moves across every department and reduce costs.

Duration: 3 Days

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Introduction to Data Science

Data scientists are now the most sought-after professionals by big companies as well as startups. The demand for data scientists is growing with rapid pace. Companies across industries are rewarding good data analysts and scientists with desirable career growth and salaries.

Course Content

1.   Introduction to R programming
2.   Introduction to Python programming
3.   Statistical analysis using R & Python
4.   Hypothesis testing using R, Python & Minitab
5.   Regression analysis using R & Python
6.   Data mining using R & Python
7.   Introduction to Text mining & NLP (Natural Language Processing) using R
8.   Forecasting using R & XL miner

What we offer

Our instructors are trained by product developers and industry bodies with an added awareness of the latest practical trends in the industry
We provide specialist training courses that are at the intersection of software, hardware, networking and management
We prepare experts for emerging technology industries

Why you should become a Data Scientist?

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