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Become a Certified Python Expert

Six Sigma Synergy helps you build a good fundamental knowledge of the new age programming language i.e. PYTHON

Duration : 4 days

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Introduction to Python

Python is a simple and powerful programming language that is presently being used by some leading companies including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Reddit, Yahoo, YouTube, NASA and CERN. Due to its growing popularity, there’s an interesting demand for individuals who are proficient in Python. Learning this simple programming language can take your career places.

Course Content

1.   Control flow
2.   Function
3.   Data structures
4.   Modules and package
5.   Files
6.   Errors and exceptions handling
7.   Object oriented programming
8.   Reference types
9.   Thread
10. Graphical user interface
11. Database connectivity
12. Networking

Why you should learn python?

Python is great for beginners
Used for web development
Iterative, agile design
Small & clean syntax
Immediate feedback
Plenty of advanced libraries
Opportunity to do full-stack development
High security
Python is the future of AI and Machine Leaning

Job Opportunities

Web Applications
Selenium Testing
Big Data Development & Analyst
Web Services

12 World-Class Companies That Use Python:

The recent growth of Python is hard to ignore

Growth of major programming languages – Based on Stack Overflow questions views in World Bank high-income countries

Image via Stack Overflow
Image via

Python in the Workplace

Used for scripting
Used for web programming
Used to build software or desktop apps and games

Why learn Python at Six Sigma Synergy?

Learn from experienced trainers
Start with an idea and learn how to refine that idea into product
Solve complex problems by breaking them down and finding results step by step
Get the certificate from CADD Centre after completion

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