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Duration : 4 days



ETABS is an engineering software product that caters to multi-story building analysis and design. Modeling tools and templates, code-based load prescriptions, analysis methods and solution techniques, all coordinate with the grid-like geometry unique to this class of structure.


  • User Interface: ETABS offers a single user interface to perform: Modeling, Analysis, Design, Detailing, and Reporting. A new model explorer is available for quick access to objects, properties, and forms.
  • Modeling:ETABS has a wide selection of templates for quickly starting a new model. At this model template stage, the user has the ability to define grid and grid spacing, the number of stories, the default structural system sections, default slab and drop panel sections, and uniform loads (specifically dead and live loads).
  • Building Components:Multi-tower buildings can now easily be modeled by using the new tower feature. Defining towers in an ETABS model allows users to define unique story levels and grid systems for different building structures within the same ETABS model. For example, ETABS models can share a podium level and then separate into towers on higher floors.
  • Loadings:ETABS will automatically generate and apply seismic and wind loads based on various domestic and international codes.
  • Analysis:CSI Solvers have been tried and tested by the industry for over 35 years. The SAPFire Analysis Engine can support multiple 64-bit solvers for analysis optimization and perform both Eigen Analysis and Ritz Analysis.
  • Design:Fully integrated steel frame design includes member size optimization and implementation of design codes. ETABS allows users to interactively view design results at any frame member, change the parameters or section properties, and display the updated member results.Fully integrated concrete frame design in ETABS includes: required area of steel calculations, auto selection lists for new member sizing, implementation of design codes, interactive design and review, and comprehensive overwrite capabilities.
  • Detailing:ETABS has complete drawing generation capabilities incorporated into all levels. The detailing window is like any other ETABS model window.
  • Reporting:The report generator features include an indexed table of contents, model definition information, and analysis and design results in tabulated format. Reports are viewable within ETABS with live document navigation connected to the Model Explorer and directly exportable to Microsoft Word.
  • Import & Export:ETABS supports many industry standards for importing and exporting data. Autodesk Revit Structure, AutoCAD (DXF/DWG), CIS/2, IFC, and SDNF are all supported. ETABS also supports exporting of a model to an Microsoft Access database.

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