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Professional Training

At Six Sigma Synergy, we have successfully created a work culture that recognizes caliber. This philosophy makes working with us a pure joy. We provide training to students on high-end machines using original software – thus we are able to give training in all modules and functionalities of software.

World Class Courses

CADD Centre offers professional training to students on leading software products in their domains. Designing courses, developing course content, and delivering courses with the support of our team has, therefore, been our core value creation process.

Engineeria 2016 - Finding Emerging Engineers

International Engineeria Quiz 2016 held at Chennai on Oct 2016. Winner of Quiz: University Malaya from Malaysia We are proud of our winner from CADD CENTRE Malaysia.

Globally Recognized Certification

Our Certified Professional Program is specially designed to recognize CAD users who can demonstrate an in-depth understanding of their course. We are proud to offer the Certified Professional Program that is developed according to international standards and based on survey results and feedback from our users.

Why Choose Us

Our Mission is to enable students and professionals at various levels to realize their potential and reach their goals.No one is born with the magic wand of success, but it is accomplished with hard work, perseverance and patience compounded by specific skills, which is taught at Six Sigma Synergy.

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We provide a wide range of Technical and Management Training Solutions covering Project Management, CAD Courses and Design Courses.



  • UMADEVI (April 2017) Ansys

    Great training, trainer, well explained and there was a proper flow of the training in the class.

    UMADEVI (April 2017) Ansys

  • CHOW TIAM SHERN (April 2017) Solidworks

    Excellent and comprehensive teaching approach throughout the entire training course.

    CHOW TIAM SHERN (April 2017) Solidworks

  • SIVANESWARAN (April 2017) Solidworks

    I learnt  a lot of things through this course with lecturer Mr. Jiten. It will be good if more course like mold design using solidworks

    SIVANESWARAN (April 2017) Solidworks

  • NARASHIVENDRAN (April 2017) Solidworks

     Overall I am very satisfied and learnt a lot throughout the classes. Had a fun learning experience and the trainer was extremely professional and approachable with any program related questions I had, looking forward to attend other sessions in the near future

    NARASHIVENDRAN (April 2017) Solidworks

  • THARASYAN (April 2017) Solidworks

     satisfied with the classes. Helpful instructors and staffs

    THARASYAN (April 2017) Solidworks

  • LAI PUI YEE (March 2017) 3ds Max

     Understanding is easy.

    LAI PUI YEE (March 2017) 3ds Max

  • FATHAIYAH MOHAMAD (March 2017) 3ds Max

     Able to understand the explanation

    FATHAIYAH MOHAMAD (March 2017) 3ds Max

  • HANEEN JAWAD ELHAMAD (March 2017) Ansys

     More than I had expected,excellent exercises and material. Broadened the ideas and views about uses of ANSYS program Thank you.

    HANEEN JAWAD ELHAMAD (March 2017) Ansys

  • DR.AGUSRIL( UNITEN) (March 2017) Ansys

    I am really happy with this ANSYS course. All my problems during modeling of structures already answered perfectly.

    DR.AGUSRIL( UNITEN) (March 2017) Ansys

  • AMINURRASHID (March 2017) Solidworks

     Instructor was well prepared and fun made the learning process fun.

    AMINURRASHID (March 2017) Solidworks

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We are a training provider company that specialised in CAD/CAE and project management training for engineering, construction and building industry. We are looking for candidate that want to learn and grow with us.